English menu

Breakfast menu

Served from 8:30 to 10:30, from 9:00 to 12:00 at weekend. Made of fresh eggs from "Dvořák farm, Zlatníky, 3pcs per serving.
English breakfast (1pc fried egg, roasted bacon, beans, weener, mustard,home-made bread)109,-
Rustic breakfast (potato pancake, baked with sausage and English bacon, vegetables and egg 2pcs79,-
Scrambled eggs with ham and onion, home-made bread55,-
Soft boiled eggs ing glass with parmesan, butter, home-made bread79,-
Ham & Eggs, home-made bread69,-
French fluffy omelette (ham or cheese, home-made bread)55,-


Goat cheese with walnuts, honey and pears roasted on butter, toast 95 Kč
Home made duck liver pate, cranberries, fresh bread 65 Kč
Grilled camembert served on lettuce, cranberry sauce with red wine, toast 85 Kč
Toast with piquant minced meat baked with blue cheese 65 Kč
Home-made duck rillettes, red onion, fresh bread 75 Kč


0,3 l acc. to the daily offer 30 Kč


300g Caesar salad with grilled chicken meat, herb croutons and parmesan 145 Kč
250g Beet-root salad with grilled goat cheese 135 Kč
250g Mixed vegetable salad with spring dressing 95 Kč
200g Mixed salad with balkan cheese 69Kč


150g Tortilla stuffed with chicken, cheese, vegetables, tomato salsa and sour cream 145 Kč
300g Couscous with grilled vegetables, olives and parmesan cheese/ and chicken meat 105 Kč/145 Kč
150g Fried cheese, home-made french fries, tartar sauce 145 Kč
150g Fried pork/chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes 140 Kč

Beef burgers

150g CheeseBurger – beef from young bull, cheddar cheese, grilled bacon, lettuce, tomato, sour cucumber, red onion, home-made french fries, herb mayonnaise149 Kč
150g Farm Burger – beef from young bull, grilled egg, lettuce, tomato, red onion, home-made french fries, herb mayonnaise149 Kč
150g Pohoda Burger – beef from young bull, caramelized onion, lettuce, tomato, home-made french fries, herb mayonnaise149 Kč
150g Jalapeńos Burger – beef from young bull, Jalapeňos peppers, lettuce, tomato, red onion, home-made french fries, spicy tomato salsa149 Kč

Salty french pancakes

300g with grilled egg and bacon115 Kč
300g with grilled goat cheese, spicy tomato salsa and rukola130 Kč
300g with piquant meat mix and blue cheese125 Kč
300g with ham, cheese, tomato and rukola125Kč
300g with spinach and cream, garlic and fried egg115 Kč

Sweet french pancakes

with chocolate, banana and whipped cream75 Kč
With nuts, honey, caramel and whipped cream75 Kč
with home-made strawberry marmalade and whipped cream65 Kč
with roasted pears on butter, caramel and whipped cream85 Kč
with warm blueberries and creme fraiche85 Kč
with poppies and poppy seeds75 Kč


Sundae with whipped cream (3 scoops)75 Kč
Sundae with home-made caramel, walnuts and whipped cream (2 scoops)80 Kč
Sundae with warm blueberries and whipped cream (2 scoops)85 Kč

Side dishes + dips

200g Boiled potatoes 30 Kč
200g Home-made french fries 35 Kč
200g Mashed potatoes35 Kč
200g Grilled vegetables45 Kč
50g Home-made tartar sauce20 Kč
50g Spicy tomato sauce 20 Kč
50g Ketchup/herb mayonnaise 15 Kč
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